Recordings of Fainne

She Moved Through the Fair (Ireland)
The genre of Irish ghostly love stories is crowned by this beautiful air, where we only realise the beloved is dead when she pays an otherwordly visit to her lover in the last verse..

Newry Town (Ireland)
A defiant highwayman shows little remorse in this rousing tale of a life of plunder and eventual capture.

All of the recordings below are full length. They are provided in the mp3 format and you can listen to them by clicking on the icon. (This requires that you have an mp3 player, such as winamp, installed). There are two versions of each recordings, the first is the CD quality recording, which requires more bandwidth (cable, DSL). The second version is a low bandwidth version.

Song Title High bandwidth
Low bandwidth

She Moved Through the Fair



Newry Town 1.3Mb 260kb

Recording and mixing done by James Boblak. You can reach him at