Panta Rhei [classical Greek]: all things are in constant flux (Heraclitus, c.540- c.480 BC)

Heraclitus is known for illustrating the persistence of unity through change by the analogy of the river:
"Upon those who step into the same river, different and ever different waters flow down."

"Panta Rhei" perfectly captures my feelings about folk music; the constant of distilled songs passed down through time is marked by each generation that encounters the music.

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1 O Voskos
2 Fig for a Kiss/The Butterfly/Drowsy Maggie
3 Otan Mou Eipen/Ma Na Vu
4 The Star of Munster/Cremonea/Glenlivet
5 La Rosa Enflorece/To Rinaki
6 When I Open My Eyes
7 Arran Boat/Thalassaki Mou
8 Yo m'enamori d'un aire/Buciumeana/The Wedding Song
9 Lo Yisa Goi/Kol HaN'shamah/Ablakomba
10 Garifalia/Mia Papadia
11 Chi Mi Na Morbheanna
12 Flying to the Fleadh/Glass of Beer
13 Wayfaring Stranger/Rosa das Rosas/Sinner Man

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