The Bright Knowledge

My second album, The Bright Knowledge, is almost finished - here's a sneak preview! Focused more on solo and original material, this CD is very personal for me, exploring big questions of life and love. The title refers to the ancient Irish concept (and many parallels in other cultures) of sudden spiritual illumination and instant gaining of wisdom after being brought into fierce light from a darkened place. It has also alludes to the passing on of oral history. Both the spiritual quest and the honouring of past knowledge in the midst of necessary change play a huge part in this, my most representative work.

Panta Rhei : Celtic & Mediterranean Music for Harp

From Ireland to Greece, these songs represent to me the beauty, power, and relevence of folk music. Having been born in Ireland and raised in Cyprus, the musical combination of Celtic and Mediterranean cultures strikes me as a force of nature; intuitive and potent.

"There is no doubt that this CD is the most brilliant performance by a harp
and harpist I've ever heard.”
John Westling, maker of Diana’s harp

Wedding and Event Harp

Playing harp at weddings gives me a role I'm very honored to have - the ancient role of ceremonial musician. As background music, the harp's rich and refreshing tones allow your guests to relax, converse and enjoy your event. I specialize in classical, Celtic, Mediterranean/Jewish, and contemporary music.


“Everyone commented on how beautiful the harp music was and
I can’t imagine having had anyone better.”
E & D, Livermore

Solo Piano

The piano was my first instrument, and in many ways is the perfect complement to the harp. The piano pieces I perform below are by my very favorite composers; these composers' artistry, passion and imagination have been my strongest and most consistent musical influences.

Piano Duo
Playing as part of a piano duo gives one a glimpse of the dynamism of an entire orchestra - the possibilities are endless!

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