Current Projects

The Bright Knowledge
The Bright Knowledge, my second album, just about to be released! Please visit CD Baby for details.

Australian Harp Festival
I'll be off to Australia at the end of September to bring The Bright Knowledge to the 3rd Australian Harp Festival! Will also be collaborating with some very exciting harpists on this trip - details to come.

San Francisco Renaissance Voices
My collaboration with the San Francisco Renaissance Voices and bansuri master Deepak Ram was a huge success - we mounted a production of Hildegard von Bingen's passion play (sometimes called the first opera) Ordo Virtutm, fused with Hindustani music. The combination of medieval European and Northern Indian classical music proved to be mystical, uplifting and appealing to wide audience. In fact, we have been invited to re-mount the production in February - check back for details.

SFRV is about to release a CD of "Hauntingly Beautiful Music," a 2007 Halloween program of Renaissance funeral music which also features myself and Patrice Haan on harps.

Deepak Ram
Deepak and I will be playing as a duo for the beloved Festival of Harps November 8, 2008 at Spreckles Theater We are putting together a program called "The Mystic's Journey," tracing sacred sounds from Europe through the Middle East to India. The combination of harp and bansuri is spiritually compelling and we're experimenting a lot with improvisation - going where the spirit moves us.

Ya Elah
Ya Elah has two wonderful new members we are so happy to welcome! Please check "Public Performances" for our upcoming concert schedule.

My friend Dan Cantrell is a wild genius composer, and I've been having great fun contributing to his score for The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, currently showing on the Cartoon Network.

Diana Stork
I've been working up a program with legendary harpist Diana Stork lately, and it's been such a pleasure to collaborate with one of the major forces behind bringing the folk harp back to life. We'll be giving a concert November 2 in SF - check "Public Performances" for details.

Renaissance Lullabies
Look out for a lullabies CD of Renaissance and Celtic music, featuring singers from the Revels Chorus, Shira Kammen, Charlie Hancock, Kevin Carr and yours truly. Should be released November of this year - details will be on site once I get them.

My lullabies project with Lily Storm is almost ready to record after numerous joyful spring and summer concerts. I'm really excited about this program, and feel it breathes life into ancient material while respecting its original power. Lullabies are strong stuff!

Many of my beloved students have now graduated and gone onto college. I'm proud of all of them! This means I now have some openings in my studio, which I haven't been able to offer for a very long time. Please let me know if you are looking for a supportive and imaginative harp & piano teacher.

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